Analyzation & Adaptation

In this training we will cover organizations need to engage the community, market it's products and services and communicates it's organizations purpose/culture.

When we look at a growing business, what are the key aspects which make it successful?

  • Do we start with a very well-defined business plan?
  • Are systematic and operational methods and procedures key in growing the business?
  • Maybe it's the financial accounting, bookkeeping and administration aspects of a business which make the business successful.

I don't disagree that all of these components are key aspects of a successful business, however, if one of these is missing it cannot function.  I believe the most important factor in any business is sales and marketing. 

Without sales, operations cannot run and bookkeeping and administration are irrelevant. Engineering and Project Management depend on the success of the sales team. New business leads are generated through marketing and networking activities critical to growing a successful business.

When talking to business owners, directors and entrepreneurs, I am given more sales related job orders than operations or engineering. Business owners depend on sales and revenue generation as they believe it is the lifeblood of their business. 

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